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Before you read further, let me tell you…

Jumpstart Bosses of America 
is NOT for everybody! 

Jumpstart Bosses of America (JBOA) is the ONLY childcare business growth course existing that uses the LTN Circle to ensure that you reach the next level of your business AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

What is the LTN Circle?



LEARN -- go through our library of 50+ (and growing!) training videos and masterclasses that teaches you all the nitty-gritty of managing and growing a successful childcare business. 



TAKE ACTION -- twice a month, to make sure that you are growing, we have Group Accountability Calls. These are virtual calls we do where you report your progress, challenges, goals… and if ever you are stuck or don’t know the next steps to take, we pitch in with ideas to help you get out of it! 



NETWORK  -- Your network is the key to rapid growth and success. In JBOA, you gain access to many successful childcare entrepreneurs from all walks of life, at different business levels.  You can pick on their brains, ask for their expertise, get practical advice in growing your business, and more! 

The LTN Circle is the reason why JBOA 
is NOT for everybody! 

Let me explain…

With the LTN Circle we follow in JBOA, we not only LEARN advanced marketing strategies to manage and market our childcare business...

We also make sure that you are TAKING ACTION, applying what you learn, and reporting it through Accountability Calls, you grow your NETWORK by building relationships with other entrepreneurs in the group so that you will be learning from those who are ahead of you. 

This way, 

Your direction moving forward is clear
you will not be lost on what to do
you know what the “next level” for your business is. 

At this point, you probably know, learning new information is no longer enough to grow your business.

If more information is the key to business growth, then the number of people enrolling for an online marketing course should've been decreasing through the years.

But that’s not the case. It just keeps growing and growing. (The # of people who took an online course jumped from 120 million to 150M in 2020.)

People buy more online courses thinking they need more and more information to succeed in life and business.

Which is something they got entirely wrong.

Because “more information” is not the only thing you 
need when growing a business.


✔ take action
✔ apply what you know
✔ and leverage the influence and expertise of other people for your growth 

This is what most childcare business growth courses don't tell you.

There are so many childcare growth courses and services out there that are promising you MORE…

- More enrollment
- More profits
- More more more...

Without YOU doing much effort at all.

Which is so unbelievable it’s already funny.

Seriously, who grows their business without doing any effort??

Ask any successful entrepreneur out there, and they will tell you…

They grew their business through grit and hard work.

The “grow your business with little effort” concept is NOT TRUE!

You grow by putting in work.
Doing the effort.
Being ambitious and doing what it takes.

No exceptions.

And if other courses are saying otherwise, then I tell you right now. They are wrong.

It’s propaganda they use to entice you to buy what they are selling.

They wow you with student success stories and statistics.

They amaze you with expert interviews, their awards, their years of experience in the business.

And you start believing them and their promises. 

But when you finally did buy what they offer, that’s when you realize… everything is not what they promised it to be.

Are you prepared?

  • FAILING...

These are all normal when you’re growing a childcare business.

The problem with other childcare growth courses is that they don’t prepare you how to handle such a situation when it arrives.

It’s different in JBOA. 

Here, we not only teach you. 

We help you.

We prepare you.

We transform you. 

What my students say…

Now, let me ask you this...

Would you like to have NOT only the right knowledge on growing your childcare business…

But also have a very clear direction of the next level for you?

Would you like to have a group that will push you to take action and move forward?

Do you want to boost your confidence in your abilities as a business owner?

Do you want to be surrounded by industry experts and leverage their influence and expertise to boost your own childcare business? 

If yes is your answer to all of those, then let me take your hand and guide you. 

The JBOA Program is now open for enrollment. 

This monthly subscription-based training and coaching program is specifically created for childcare business owners who desire to take their business to the next level. 


With your monthly membership subscription, you will go through highly strategic Skills Acceleration and Training Programs following the LTN Circle’s direction. 

You’ll be building a strong foundation of business skills and mindset while getting feedback, guidance, and expanding your network of business owners all at the same time.

Through JBOA, you will also gain genuine confidence in your capacities as a childcare business owner. 

You will open your doors to a wonderful community full of positivity and women who raise fellow women. 

You will meet people who have done it. 

These are those who are already at the point where you wanted to go.

And meet others who are taking a similar path as you do.

Through them, you will never feel that your journey for growth is so overwhelming 
...nor will you ever feel like you’re alone. 

You will be prompted to take action consistently using the LTN Circle. 

Remaining a FAITHFUL Member has Perks!


3rd Month:
Additional FREE Ticket to Your Private Master Class Event
*Executive Only
6th Month:
FREE Jumpstart Boss Lite Tote Bag
*Executive Only
9th Month:
Yearly Graduation Including Jumpstart Boss Award and Plaque

And last but NOT least...


Your order is 100% Secured
Membership Levels: 
Executive level
Initial, $47 billed monthly on 15th.

Get exclusive access to: 
  • Monthly group call with game-changing coaches, specialist, industry leaders
  • One monthly “Goal PUSH” 60-minute group goal and accountability call PLUS goal accountability worksheet
  • JumpStart Business Building Library 
  • Receive one FREE TICKET to attend TWO YEARLY private MasterClass EVENTS for members ONLY with Jumpstart Boss Exclusive Member “Glam T’s”
  • Save 50% off 2 day Jumpstart My Childcare Conferences
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  • Exclusive coaching call rates
  • 12 video training classes, one new class released each month
  • 6-hour quarterly certificates for attending courses
  • Success maker book club
  • A chance to be interviewed in our next “Brainstorming With The JumpStart Bosses” interview that is LIVE on Facebook and
Your order is 100% Secured
Initial, $47 billed monthly on 15th
  • Enjoy one monthly group call with game-changing coaches, specialist, industry leaders and others to stay current and on the cutting edge.
  • Receive one monthly “Goal PUSH” 60-minute group goal and accountability call PLUS goal accountability worksheet download
  • JumpStart Business Building Library
  • Save 50% off 2 day Jumpstart My Childcare Conferences
  • Save 10% on additional product and services 
  • Get 50% off Jumpstart Blueprint Course 2.0 
  • Success maker book club
  • Join our exclusive JumpStart Bosses of America Facebook Group Page.
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