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Before you read further, let me tell you…

Jumpstart Bosses of America (JBOA) is the ONLY childcare business growth course existing that uses the LTN Circle to ensure that you reach the next level of your business AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

Before you read further, let me tell you…

Jumpstart Bosses of America (JBOA) is the ONLY childcare business growth course existing
that uses the LTN Circle to ensure that you reach the next level of your business AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

What is the LTN Circle?

LEARN -- go through our library of 50+ (and growing!) training videos and masterclasses that teaches you all the nitty-gritty of managing and growing a successful childcare business. 
TAKE ACTION -- twice a month, to make sure that you are growing, we have Group Accountability Calls. These are virtual calls we do where you report your progress, challenges, goals… and if ever you are stuck or don’t know the next steps to take, we pitch in with ideas to help you get out of it! 
NETWORK -- Your network is the key to rapid growth and success. In JBOA, you gain access to many successful childcare entrepreneurs from all walks of life, at different business levels. You can pick on their brains, ask for their expertise, get practical advice in growing your business, and more! 

The LTN CIRCLE is the reason why JBOA
is NOT for everybody! 

Let me explain…
With the LTN Circle we follow in JBOA, we not only LEARN advanced marketing strategies to manage and market our childcare business...

We also make sure that you are TAKING ACTION, applying what you learn, and reporting it through Accountability Calls, you grow your NETWORK by building relationships with other entrepreneurs in the group so that you will be learning from those who are ahead of you.

This way,
  • Your direction moving forward is clear
  • You will not be lost on what to do
  • You know what the “next level” for your business is.
At this point, you probably know, learning new information is no longer enough to grow your business.

If more information is the key to business growth, then the number of people enrolling for an online marketing course should've been decreasing through the years.

But that’s not the case. It just keeps growing and growing. (The # of people who took an online course jumped from 120 million to 150M in 2020.)

People buy more online courses thinking they need more and more information to succeed in life and business.

Which is something they got entirely wrong.

Because “more information” is not the only thing you
need when growing a business.

Take Action

Leverage the influence and expertise of other people for your growth

​Apply what you know 

This is what most childcare business growth courses don't tell you.

There are so many childcare growth courses and services out there that are promising you MORE…

  • More enrollment
  • ​More profits
  • ​More more more...

Without YOU doing much effort at all.

Which is so unbelievable it’s already funny.

There are so many childcare growth courses and services out there that are promising you MORE…

  • More enrollment
  • ​More profits
  • ​More more more...

Without YOU doing much effort at all.

Which is so unbelievable it’s already funny.

who grows their business without doing any effort??

Ask any successful entrepreneur out there,
and they will tell you…

  • They grew their business through grit and hard work.
  • The “grow your business with little effort” concept is NOT TRUE!
  • You grow by putting in work. Doing the effort.
  • Being ambitious and doing what it takes.
  • ​No exceptions.

And if other courses are saying otherwise, then I tell you right now.


Ask any successful entrepreneur out there,
and they will tell you…

  • They grew their business through grit and hard work.
  • The “grow your business with little effort” concept is NOT TRUE!
  • You grow by putting in work. Doing the effort.
  • Being ambitious and doing what it takes.
  • ​No exceptions.

And if other courses are saying otherwise, then I tell you right now.


It’s inaccurate information they use to entice you to buy what they are selling.

To make you believe in them and their promises.

But when you finally did buy what they offer, that’s when you realize… everything is not what they promised it to be.

Are you prepared?

Are you prepared?

  • FAILING...

These are all normal when you’re growing a childcare business.

The problem with other childcare growth courses is that they don’t prepare you how to handle such a situation when it arrives.

It’s different in JBOA. 

Here, we not only teach you. 

We help you.

We prepare you.

We transform you. 

What my students say…

Laverne C. - Member

Kameela W. - Member

Sonya H. - Member

Jasmine B. - Member

Things are different around here.

Here in JBOA, things are different.

I will tell you upfront. The people qualified to take this course are ONLY those who are willing to put in the work.

Willing to show up everyday.

Doers and action takers -- not whiners and guru worshippers.

If you are such a person, read on.

“The LTN Circle”

A new and different way to creating a steady, profitable, and thriving childcare business.

If you believe that growing a childcare business is not only about learning but applying what you know and getting feedback and guidance from those who are ahead of you --- then this system is right for you.

It is based on the principles of High-Level Apprenticeship, employed by many Fortune 500 Companies.

These companies take the most promising talents, have them work alongside experts, knowing that iron sharpens iron and that the apprentice will soon absorb the expert’s strategies and become a master herself --- fast.

Imagine it to be like having your teacher and your smart classmates around you while you’re taking the exam...

With the knowledge that it’s okay to ask them questions when you’re confused.

PLUS, they promise that they will introduce you to all the smart, the talented, the achievers, and the cool kids in school after you finish -- regardless of the exam results.

Wouldn’t it remove the enormous pressure you feel when taking exams?

I bet you will even go to the examination room grinning from ear to ear because you know that even if you don’t know the answer to certain questions...

So many people will be there to back you up.

This is the beauty of the

LTN Circle.


Take Action (Accountability)


And yes, the CIRCLE, which means you do it over and over again until you succeed.

With the LTN Circle...

  • we keep ourselves updated with all the trends and the best strategies in the industry -- TOGETHER
  • we regularly sharpen our entrepreneurial skills --- TOGETHER
  • we hold each other’s hand as we move forward -- TOGETHER.

Over and over and over again.

Until we become the experts, the masters of our craft. 

Until we had brought our business to the level we wanted it to be.

No other childcare business growth course has given such a clear path to success…

But then, do they even have any?

Here’s how it worked for my students…

Dannise Y. - Member

Naughtya G. - Member

Now, let me ask you this...

Would you like to have NOT only the right knowledge on growing your childcare business…

But also have a very clear direction of the next level for you?

Would you like to have a group that will push you to take action and move forward?

Do you want to boost your confidence in your abilities as a business owner?

Do you want to be surrounded by industry experts and leverage their influence and expertise to boost your own childcare business? 

If yes is your answer to all of those, then let me take your hand and guide you. 

The JBOA Program is now open for enrollment.

This monthly subscription-based training and coaching program is specifically created for childcare business owners who desire to take their business to the next level. 


  • Acquiring more centers
  • Becoming book authors
  • Increasing the number of clients and waitlist
  • ​Become industry experts
  • ​Expanding through eCommerce
  • ​Offering service-based businesses 
  • ​and so much more

With your monthly membership subscription, you will go through highly strategic Skills Acceleration and Training Programs following the LTN Circle’s direction.

You’ll be building a strong foundation of business skills and mindset while getting feedback, guidance, and expanding your network of business owners all at the same time.

Through JBOA, you will also gain genuine confidence in your capacities as a childcare business owner.

You will open your doors to a wonderful community full of positivity and women who raise fellow women.

You will meet people who have done it.

These are those who are already at the point where you wanted to go.

And meet others who are taking a similar path as you do.

Through them, you will never feel that your journey for growth is so overwhelming

...nor will you ever feel like you’re alone.

You will be prompted to take action consistently using the LTN Circle.

This means that with JBOA, your growth is guaranteed. 

When you join, here’s what I can promise you:

  • If you do everything that’s taught to you, you will finally understand all the puzzle pieces you need to take your childcare business to the next level.
  • When you attend every accountability call, your eyes will be open to the real meaning of entrepreneurship, the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful struggles that go on behind the scenes.
  • You will have a mile - deep and mile - wide understanding of sales, marketing, management, delegation, and how to apply these to your very own business.

But, be warned:

  • If you’re unteachable, you think you know it all, and you will join just to flaunt your business or where you’re at right now -- this isn’t for you.
  • If you think work is not required to build a real, thriving childcare business, then you should go somewhere else.
  • If you don’t have a childcare service business at all -- then you should close this page right now. This is only for childcare business owners who are ready to take their game to the next level, grow their brand, increase their profits…
  • If you think this is a “get rich quick” business, it’s not. I’ll be asking you to dedicate at least three months of your life to this program. If you’re not willing to do that, then this isn’t for you.
  • If you think I’ll do everything for you, then you have to stop reading now. I’m here to coach you, mentor you, guide you. I will not run your business for you.

Now, let’s talk about what I have prepared for you.
Here’s what you can enjoy inside JBOA: 


  • Monthly Money Maker Tutorial + Workbook - an 8 - page accountability monthly worksheet that teaches you how to keep track of everything -- from finances, marketing, short and long-term goals, tasks, calendars, and more! Because if you’re indeed serious with growing your business, tracking the numbers and your identified goals are two of the essential areas you need to be mindful of.  
  • 6 Big Pillars of a Successful Child Care Business - a library of on-demand trainings that teaches you how to rewire your mindset and recalibrate your life to make yourself ready for growth. These courses are designed to be consumed with utmost time-wise flexibility. You can take this at any time of the day. Anywhere you are.
  • Masterclasses Library - engross yourself in learning everything you wanted to know about growing a childcare business. You will gain access to all the Masterclasses that we had ever conducted as a group or with experts from the different industries of early childhood education.
  • Jumpstart Bosses of America Magazine is a hard printed magazine that celebrates the most impressive women in childcare and other groundbreaking topics related to childcare and childcare business growth. This is published exclusively by IOAD, LLC, and with JBOA membership, you are instantly qualified for a free subscription, which will be promptly sent and shipped to your doorstep as soon as its release.


  • Bi-Monthly Accountability Calls - did you know that your chance of doing something increases by a whopping 90% when you tell it to someone?

Yes. That’s true. And this is what we’re hoping to achieve with the bi-monthly accountability calls.

We don’t want you to be stuck at learning mode because you don’t grow that way. We want you to take action and apply! We will be here at least twice a month to help you with any challenges that you have. You can now confidently kiss overwhelm goodbye.


  • Access to our Private Paid JBOA Facebook Community - we had already achieved that learning and taking action is not enough to grow a business. You need people who are in the same world as you do.

When you join JBOA, you’ll be part of an active community of childcare entrepreneurs who share the same values, sentiments, and motivations as you.

You will

  • Get close access to me inside the group. Once you’re inside the community, you will receive unparalleled support and guidance. 
  • Meet like-minded business owners who will share your journey and celebrate wins and success
  • ​Get inspiration from fellow childcare business owners as they progress and obtain wins for their business. This will also propel you to do what needs to be done for your very own biz.
  • Access my exclusive content and files so you will have every advantage my past students had gained during our mentorship.
  • Huge exclusive discounts to our bi-annual, exclusive for members only, private masterclass event. Because when we say we want you to build your network, we mean it.

Nothing beats meeting the industry experts you look up to in the flesh. Not only that, you get to talk to them, bask in their presence, ask questions face to face.

To say that so many of our women had huge breakthroughs after our private events would be an understatement.

  • Get an automatic exclusive all-access invitation to all JBOA Live events! Joining JBOA means you become a member of the world’s elite childcare bosses. And you will always be a priority on ALL JBOA Live Events. This is probably one of the most important incentives in joining JBOA since I usually limit the number of participants at all of my events.

That’s not all. If you join us today, get access to these:

  • Childcare Weekly Success Prompts -- a collection of important and strategic life and business improvement tips shared to you on a weekly basis inside the JBOA FB Community. Use this prompts accordingly and see your life and business improve quickly. 
  • Exclusive huge discounts to my one on one coaching program - people pay me at least $997 for my one - on - one coaching program. Members of the JBOA don’t have to pay that much. You get your very own price slash along with your subscription on the JBOA.
  • ​[Training] How to create no - brainer offers that will surely grab your market’s attention - this is a never-before-seen training where I teach you how to communicate your services and other offers that cut through the noise.

Many childcare business owners do not understand that it doesn’t matter if your facility is accredited or you have state-of-the-art equipment. If your offer does not resonate with your market’s needs, no one will listen to you!

In this training, I teach you the step - by - step system I follow to create offers that are guaranteed profitable.

  • Swipe our 20 Best Emails - take the guesswork out of your email marketing game by taking advantage of our best performing emails. Feel free to steal, tweak, and send to your very own list. Use over and over for best results!
  • [Training] My 5 Secrets To Making Sales via Facebook Group -- a training reserve ONLY for the JBOA Community members. Here, I will reveal the five hacks I’m doing to constantly generate sales for my products and services using my free Facebook Group.

I reveal the principles and the tactics. You’d be surprised how easy it is to monetize your FB Group once you understand how people’s mind works!

  • Daily Telegram Motivational Texts - so you can operate in a state of abundance on a daily basis. The daily life of a childcare service provider can be really stressful. Our telegram messages are proven to prime your mindset so that it will be capable to make wise decisions for your business all the time.

Will JBOA really help me accelerate my business growth??

To answer your question,


This will work.

If you follow everything in this program… Learn... Take Action... Network… you WILL grow your business.

You’ll know exactly the next step to take in your business...

The direction for you will finally be clear.

You will no longer be under the mercy of childcare marketing gurus out there who will teach you the principles and strategies, but they don’t show the nitty-gritty of how to apply it in real life.

You will piggyback on my decades of experience in the childcare business…

A person who has gone from sleeping on the floor just to keep her childcare business going...

To someone known around the world as The Childcare Systems Queen and coaching thousands of childcare entrepreneurs since 2017!

If you don’t believe me, let my students tell you what they think.

Tynesha C. - Member

Sheryl L. - Member

Mityne L. - Member

“The group is very open! We see what other people are doing. We see what we can do for our own business. We are always sharing ideas. When one of us is having a hard time, we can always call Coach or each other. It’s like a tribe. It’s beautiful!”
-Jamie M., Owner, The Vine Childcare

My students are now reaping the results because they enrolled in JBOA.

They have a more precise direction in their business.

They understand how the whole thing works.

They don’t have to depend on anyone to make their business grow.

They are earning the money they want.

They have a business that they want.

They have a network of genuine people rooting for their success that they can easily fall back for guidance when things go awry.

How did they do all that?

They joined us in


Now, you might be wondering.


I’d say that’s an excellent question!

As a childcare business coach, I charge $997/ hour of coaching sessions per client.

But now…

I have to sacrifice a lot of my time and turn down prospects to make this program happen.

So I can mentor you the right way in growing your own childcare business.


When you buy my lessons separately, this is how much it would cost:

  • Money Maker Workbook -- $199
  • 6 Big Pillars of A Successful Childcare Business -- $1,499
  • Master Classes Library -- $2,999
  • ​JBOA Magazine -- $67
  • ​Bi - Monthly Coaching Calls -- $1,799
  • ​One way ticket to JBOA event -- $29
  • ​Childcare Weekly Success Prompts - $37
  • ​My one on one coaching program - $997
  • ​How to create a no - brainer offers that will surely grab the attention of your market - $149
  • ​Swipe our 20 Best Emails - $99
  • ​My 5 Secrets To Making Sales via Facebook Group - $99
  • ​Daily Telegram Motivational Texts - $29

This means that if you hire me personally, you have to pay at least $7,965 to get all these.

At minimum, you will have to shell out $997 to get my attention.

But now, you don’t have to pay that much.

Given everything that’s happening now, we made sure to make this as affordable to you as possible.

You will not pay $7,965.

You will not even pay $997

Nor $600

Or even $300

You’ll get everything for the low price of only

JBOA Membership

Membership Registration Fee of $197

Then, $47 billed every 15th of the month

Subscribe to JBOA, and this is what you get:

  • Money Workbook
  • 6 Big Pillars of A Successful Childcare Business Home Study Lessons
  • The Business of Childcare Masterclasses Training Library
  • ​JBOA Magazine
  • Bi-Monthly Coaching and Accountability Calls
  • ​One one-way ticket to the JBOA event
  • ​Guaranteed discounts to ALL IOAD events


  • Childcare Weekly Success Prompts
  • Exclusive huge discount to my one on one coaching program
  • ​[Training] How to create no - brainer offers that will surely grab the attention of your market training
  • ​Swipe our 20 Best Emails Resource
  • ​[Training] My 5 Secrets To Making Sales via Facebook Group Training
  • ​Daily Telegram Motivational Texts

When you get access to JBOA, you get to:

  • Sharpen your entrepreneurial skills by 10x
  • Learn and master the blueprint for business success
  • See an ocean of opportunities for your childcare business that other people don’t see just because they don’t know how and where to look.
  • ​Get connected with some of the best childcare entrepreneurs around the world.
  • ​Discover what it truly takes to become a successful childcare business owner
  • ​You are not leaving your childcare business’s growth to chance or at the mercy of other people.

Also, you need to act fast because
I’m only accepting 100 students this year.

Right now, you have the chance to be part of the exclusive JBOA Group and

… finally have the clarity and growth that you’ve been craving for so long

… end the feast and famine cycle of your business

… gain the confidence knowing that you are in the driver seat steering the business that you own.

… finally, have a network of like-minded people who are rooting for your success

And you can experience first hand how it is when

… you are consistently earning from your childcare business. No more famine cycle!

… the confidence you have in yourself and your business soars higher and higher everyday…

… you’re part of an ELITE group of world-class childcare business owners

Joining the JBOA is definitely the choice I would make if I were you.

But it’s not your only option.

You can also choose not to join us in JBOA right now and stay where you are.

Maybe you are already content with your life and where your business is at.

Maybe your income is already high enough that it already gives you the life that you want.

Maybe you have everything you need covered already...

Or you’re content at Googling or watch free Youtube videos about how to grow a childcare business on your own.

And then you act on free information in an effort to get better…

This journey is good. But you’re alone.

Or, in the case of free information, there are just so many resources sharing so many different instructions you end up getting confused and clueless on how to implement.

You will have to experiment, study for weeks, and with enough persistence, commitment, and drive, you might just get better.

And while there’s no guarantee that it will work, you take comfort in the fact that you didn’t spend a cent… only years of trial and error.

The truth is, though,

Regardless of where you find yourself standing right now...

I respect that.

JBOA offers the easy and proven way.

But the choice is yours.


Who am I and why should you listen to me? 

My name is Andrea Dickerson and I am known as the “Childcare Systems Queen.”

I started my childcare business in 2004 following a prompting whispered to me by the Lord.

But the journey was not easy. We barely had enough capital to purchase a home daycare that my family had to sleep on the floor for a year just to keep our home daycare business going.

We would then have to wake up very early the next morning and tidy everything up and prepare for the parents dropping children in.

These parents never guessed that we have no room of our own in the home daycare we had.

But the hardship didn’t deter me. I had a vision.

I knew that if I worked hard, I would own a successful and thriving childcare business.

And God didn’t fail me. Because in a short span of just one year, I was able to grow my childcare business from a home daycare with six capacity, to a daycare center catering to 100 children in Brunswick, Georgia.

I was even the youngest person in the area to own a daycare center in a commercial space!

The years then that followed, I went nowhere but up.

In 2012, I was awarded the City’s Early Childhood Leader and A Day Was Created To Celebrate Early Childcare In My Honor.

I started coaching in 2008. At first, I just did it for my friends in the childcare business because they kept asking me what I was doing that’s making my childcare business grow and grow.

But then, the demands for my childcare coaching services kept growing that in 2011, after praying for it for a long, long time, I decided to become a full-time childcare coach.

Since then, the number of childcare services providers I had the privilege to touch the lives of grew.

Now, I had coached a total of 7,000 childcare providers all over the globe -- from Mississippi, to Wisconsin, Georgia, NY, to Galapagos, and even the Philippines!

I invite you to join the JBOA Program that’s been giving results not only for me…

But for the lives of other 200 childcare providers worldwide!

And last but NOT least...


Are you ready to go to the Next-Level


© 2021 Jumpstart Bosses Of America
All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Jumpstart Bosses Of America
All Rights Reserved.